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  • Sport Complex and Swimming Pools “Las Lineas”- Majadahonda-Madrid Community



    Promotor: Majadahonda Town Hall
    Superficie: 5.500,00m2
    Presupuesto: 5.500.000,00€

    The new project of the Sport Center “LAS LINEAS” fit a building with a swimming pool multipurpose for all ages, a gym, paddle and squash courts and a multi sports building. The basic volume, as a container didn’t respond to its architectural environment. The slopes of its roofs propose an integration vision synergy and, at the same time, dynamize the shape acting with the dynamic function of the different sports; that everybody practices inside.
    The composition of the building distributed a series of volumes jointed of different sizes and became a reference of the neighborhood. In the first phase the urban façade was materialize by the two volumes and in the interior of the slot, we could foresee a future increase of activities inside the same architectural concept. The production of all the energy that need the complex was generated by photovoltaic cells located in the slope zinc roof.