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  • MasterPlan for the Revitalization Pereira’s Old Quarters – Colombia

    Urban Planning


    Promotor: IDB
    Superficie: 220,00m2
    Presupuesto: 210.000.000,00€

    The RPPTC was created as an intermediate scale instrument, comprehensively designed, in such a way that it started from a planning global vision leading then to targets, strategies, urban structure, projects and lays-out.
    The Masterplan is divided in two phases. On one side the diagnosis, vision and advancement and, on the other side, the remarkable, action triggering projects that the Pereira City Hall and the private agents would and should develop in the future. It is during this second phase that the Plan and the 4 triggering projects were developed, considering the following stages:
    -Revision of the work methodology in relationship with the previous processes of planning and technical cooperation framework.

    • Do and take into consideration a territorial analysis and the benchmark experience.
    • Delimitation of the study area and propositions.
    • Diagnose the historical, environmental, urbanistic, social, economic and institutional factors.
    • Formulation of a vision and strategy of development for the Traditional Centre.
    • Formulation of the plan of revitalization and recovery of the Traditional Centre.
    • Formulation of recommendations to adjust the general and specific planning of the area.
      Also, the masterplan advanced different actions at different scale for the restoration of historic buildings and the renewal of architectural and urbanistic structures through 4 noticeable and triggering projects:
      • Project “Liberty Square”
      • Project” Transportation and Public Spaces.”
      • Project “Residences”
      • Project “Informal vendors”
      Last but not of least importance is that at the foundation of this whole Masterplan we considered two basic premises: the permanence and stability of the traditional population with the conservation of their traditional culture and the improvement of the patrimonial homes of the low income groups.